Highlighting and contouring

Highlighting and contouring are two crafty li’l tricks that you can use to enhance your bone structure and make it look like you’re constantly under the most flattering movie lighting possible. Even if you’re not going to an event, it’s fun to experiment with elements of ~drama~ in your makeup. This tutorial will show you how to use foundation, concealer, and powder to put a spotlight on your natural gorgeousness. Let’s get to it!

What you’ll need:

  • Liquid foundation in your normal shade. tumblr_nmbwgh0SmL1so3gswo1_r2_1280.png
  • Liquid concealer or foundation in a slightly lighter color than your skin.
  • Concealer, foundation, or powder in a slightly darker color than your skin.
  • Setting powder
  • Blush
  • A powder brush
  • Optional: a foundation brush or sponge
  • Optional: a concealer brush


After cleaning and moisturizing your skin, apply your foundation all over your face using a foundation brush or your fingers.


Blend your foundation to about midway down your neck. If your skin is naturally darker, then this step makes the difference between my face and neck less stark.


Mix your lighter concealer or foundation with your regular foundation using a brush or your fingers.


Using a concealer brush or your fingers, apply the lighter makeup mixture to your T-zone (the area right above your eyebrows and the spot between them, if you have one; down the center of your nose; the middle of your upper lip; and the middle of your chin), your under-eye area, and right above your cheekbones.contour-101


Paint a thin line with this highlighting mixture right above your jawline.


Use a brush, sponge, or your fingers to blend your makeup until there is no visible line of demarcation between the highlighter and your foundation. You want this to look seamless.


The “contour,” or darker makeup, goes on the sides of your nose, right under your cheekbones, and around your hairline (the darkest areas on the diagram above).


Blend in your contour just like you did your highlight. Easy, right?


Apply finishing powder to your whole face to get rid of any excess shine and set your makeup. Add blush to your cheeks, moving upward from the apples to your temples. This will add dimension to your face and give you a pretty glow.

Pow! You’re all set. Now go astound the world with your flawless skillz! 


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